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Innovation, originality, quality, service, respect of the environment, responsability, all combined to offer an exceptional range of models answering the requirements of international clients.

In order to offer high level services at the best possible price, Biobject has build a strong network of associated workshops, each of them of high expertise. Such associations are of the long lasting kind, based on the knowledge of what clients expect, of the various production methods, as well as on a level of quality to reach. Human and social values are also part of the expected commitments.

Biobject knows and works materials such as:

• Solid wood, and veneers: woorworking, cabinetmaking, marquetry, sculpture
• Natural fibres: rattan, bamboo, abaca, buri
• Stone, marble: carving, sculpture
• Glass: mouthblown, glueing,
silver-plating, engraving
• Concrete, ceramics
• Composite materials, resin
• Upholstery: fabrics, leather, padding
• Ironwork: metal, stainless steel, chroming, brassware
• Finishings: sandblasting, varnish, tints, lacquers, metallization