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Air Collection

Designed by Joëlle Rigal, the Dolomie console was made in France by an artisan sculptor specializing in papier-mâché. Through this object, Joëlle Rigal explores the aesthetic potential of a poor material. Its shaping by hand modeling makes it possible to shape massive volumes without waste. The qualities of the material are thus revealed in the flexible forms. Time, accumulation, the hand, draw the object. Its volumes formed by air and water, its thick grain, evoke a mineral vestige.

Internal structure in wood and cardboard, pad made from scraps of solid wenge,
paper mache.

1400 x 780 x 445mm
55.1 x 30.7 x 17.5”

The Elice mirror designed by Florence Bourel for Biobject was produced in collaboration with les gaineurs Cuir au carré. This project is part of an eco-responsible approach dear to each of the actors of the project. The leather used for manufacturing comes from scraps and end of collections. Handmade in marquetry, Élice draws its inspiration from modern art and painting; the different pieces of leather compose a colorful and textured picture and the pattern creates a sense of movement.

Hand-wrapped leather marquetry on wooden panel support.


Designed by Joëlle Rigal, the armchair was produced on a very local scale in Paris in collaboration with the Seigneur upholsterers. The drawing speaks of hybridization, of encounter. Know-how interacts; seat carpentry, sewing, upholstery. Each profession is expressed by volume and comfort: in the body of the object, its structure, the sculpted foam, the seams. The design evokes a swollen, massive and airy volume. Air, foam and light manifest in these round shapes. They welcome us, supple, light and invite us to rest.

Handmade in Paris. Outer border in solid oak, lined with velvet fabrics. Padding composed of high resistance foam of different density and lift, on straps. Internal structure in beech.

840 × h 785 × 935 mm
33 × 30.9 × 36.8”

Inspired by typography, The SERIF Floor Lamp is an invitation to lightness and elevation. Like a typeface, the leather-sheathed illuminated arch makes the light readable while the volcanic rock base allows it to be perfectly stable.

The designer Marina Declarey and Biobject collaborated with the master sheath maker Maison Fey. The house was awarded the French ‘Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ certification, which translates as Living Heritage Company. Together, they showcase the excellence of French savoir-faire and craftsmanship.

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