Based on a design by Raphaël Navot, Biobject produces bedside tables, legs in cast aluminum with nickel finish, bronze mirror top. Nickel-plated rotating reading lights. Biobject Fabrics Becicoz fabrics for headboards and bed frames. Design by

Renovation of the Mermoz hotel (Paris 8) by Agence Notoire. Biobject achievements: Reception desk, solid oak top and lacquered steel base Restaurant tables in solid oak, Pedrali base in brass-plated steel Bar tables, Marfil marble top and Pedrali base in brass-plated

Based on a project by the Unza architecture firm, Biobject has created a spectacular dining table, Medici breccia marble top, solid wood base. Oak veneer sideboard, glass bell. Medici marble top bolster. ©Atelier Unza Fabrication ©Biobject

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